The Mens Guide To The Perfect Ironed Shirt.

What is the best way to iron mens shirts? Luckily for you we have a handy 4 Step Guide to get that perfect shirt.

Hint: Scroll to the bottom for the ultimate hack

how to iron a shirt

Woven shirts, the kind that most shirt makers use, are most likely 'non iron' or 'crease free' but you still find you're having to get the ironing board out. Why? 

Because the thread in woven fabrics travel in straight lines and so can easily be creased, and drying them doesn't help...

So here's a guide to show you how it's done:

1. Collar - open out and iron the collar, because the collar is thicker this can usually take more pressing

2. Cuffs - similar to the collar, except you don't have to open these out just press make sure you cover the areas around the button

3. Body - TOP TIP: the best way is to separate the front from the back so that you don't get any creases on the other side (I find that if you create creases with the iron they're way harder to get out!) so slide the shirt over the ironing board and do the front and then reverse to do the back

4. Sleeves - similar to the body; slide the thickest part of the sleeve over the ironing board and start here. then for the rest of the sleeve put on top on the board and make sure you get a crisp line along the top.


Want to wear shirts without ironing?

For this you're going to have to do away with the traditional fabric. 

Salient uses a totally different kind of fabric, that enables the creases to drop out as it dries. You get to put the iron down and stay longer in bed.

All you have to do is wash, hang to dry and you're ready to go. Easy.

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