"Being better than the day before" epitomises what Salient stands for. Just like the people that inspire the brand, Salient aims to make shirts better than they were before. 

Around the start of 2017, as many people do, I set a New Years Resolution. I wanted to become fitter and start going to the gym. So I hired a PT and set to work carving out a routine and hitting the gym in the mornings before work. I found that this worked best for me as it reduced the amount of excuses that I could make after work.

So I'd go to the gym, work up a sweat then have a shower and head into the office. When I'd finally sit down at my desk however, due to my core body temperature still being high, I'd just sweat and I'd get horrible sweat patches and feel self-conscious at work. Before I got to work too because my shirt was in my gym bag I'd find it all creased. It didn't stop there either, when my body shape did finally change the shirts I had became tight across the back and restricted my movement.




When I thought about it shirts haven't changed that much in decades, in terms of their performance, brands like to say they're 'non-iron' and 'stretch' but my experience showed me that when actually tested, they weren't at all! It struck me at that moment, here was an opportunity for me to change that.