Muscle Fit Shirts for Men

You go to the gym. You work hard. You want clothes that emphasise your physique, not drape it in cloth. Salient Shirts are designed to highlight your hard work, not cover it. 

This is important, but it's also important to feel good whilst wearing your shirt. To not feel too restrict like the shirt is popping at the seams and any movement more than a few inches will burst the shirt. This is where Salient is different. 

Our shirts allow for movement whilst complementing your physique. They allow you to tie your shoelaces without the back bursting open. Never feel restricted again. Our shirts stretch in 4 directions as well as having 8x Stretch compared to the next stretchiest shirt on the market!

You twist, turn, rotate and stretch without the shirt ripping or tearing or even pulling out of your waistband. Stretch Shirts built for a Muscle Fit. Try them here:

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muscle fit shirts for men