Light Pink Oxford Shirt



You know what we hated about regular shirts? Ironing. Spending our precious time in the mornings hastily ironing our shirts because we forgot to do it the night before. No fun at could save so much time in the morning to have an extra 20 minutes in bed. Who could resist that?
  • Just wash and hang to dry to save stress in the mornings
  • Our shirts have 62% more stretch than the next stretchiest
  • The stretch means that even if you have a 56" chest our shirt will still fit like your favourite t-shirt
  • Less cotton in our shirts means a better planet for our furry friends

     Key Features:

    • Stretch
    • Better fit
    • Non iron
    • Lightweight
    • Breathable


    38" 40" 42" 44" 46" 48"

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    Is the shirt really non iron?

    Our shirts are not treated with chemicals like most other 'crease free' or 'non iron' shirts. Eucalyptus 🌿fibres are smaller and shorter which means they are inherently less prone to creasing. What this means is that after you wash the shirt, put the shirt on a hanger to dry and the creases will drop out. If you've left the shirt in the bottom of your gym bag 🎒the creases will also drop out with your body heat.

    How do I know it will fit?

    Unlike many shirt makers our shirts are not restrictive. When we used to buy shirts we would have to go in store to try on shirts. Many shirts would have either the chest too small, the arm too short, the back too tight etc. There would always be something wrong. 😩 Our shirt sizes cover 98% of the population, so if your chest is sized from 38" to 48", our Oxford shirt will fit. 🙌🏼

    What is the fit like?

    The fit is similar to a Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt fit. If you tried one of those on before this should also give an indication to the sizing you require.

    What size should I buy?

    Because of the stretch and the explanation above 👆🏼you only have to go on your chest size, if you're 40" then size Medium will be perfect 👌🏻

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