It all started when Salient's engineer founder visited Asia. Expecting to find rainforest but instead finding mile after mile of Palm Oil plantations. He also knew that cotton was a similar story. Displacing the original flora to make way for monoculture and pesticides. He knew there had to be a better way.
rainforest trees green

"The simplest design is always the best design."

Often in his Aerospace Engineering design he looked to nature for inspiration, now he's using that to give back to it. Nature's designs almost always have more than one function, take the vein structure in a butterflies wing for example.
Not only do the veins act to supply cells with nutrients but they also act as structural support for the wing.
So when we created the fabric for our shirts we used that same ethos. Making the fibres of the fabric perform more than one role whilst also being sustainable and giving back to nature.
nasa rocket blueprint