Longline T Shirt

Color: Cloud White

Made from high quality cotton our t-shirts feel silky smooth. The long line style with reinforced hem and neck ensure that wash after wash it retains the same shape.

The stretch allows for more freedom of movement and which gives a fitted look that matches your body.
Designed to give great shape around the chest and shoulders. Giving you a powerful stance. Long line and stretchy allows you to feel comfortable.

Material: Cotton 97%/Elastane 3%

Shirt Sizes (White & Navy)

40" 42" 44" 46" 48"


Shirt Sizes (Light Blue, Light Pink & Burgundy)

38"-40" 40"-42" 42"-44" 44"-46" 46"-48"


Please note: our shirts fit larger so if you are between sizes or unsure go with the smaller size.

T-Shirt Sizes

38" 42" 44"

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Is the shirt really non iron?

Our shirts are not treated with chemicals like most other 'crease free' or 'non iron' shirts. Eucalyptus 🌿fibres are smaller and shorter which means they are inherently less prone to creasing. What this means is that after you wash the shirt, put the shirt on a hanger to dry and the creases will drop out. If you've left the shirt in the bottom of your gym bag 🎒the creases will also drop out with your body heat.

How do I know it will fit?

Unlike many shirt makers our shirts are not restrictive. When we used to buy shirts we would have to go in store to try on shirts. Many shirts would have either the chest too small, the arm too short, the back too tight etc. There would always be something wrong. 😩 Our shirt sizes cover 98% of the population, so if your chest is sized from 38" to 48", our Oxford shirt will fit. 🙌🏼

What is the fit like?

The fit is similar to a Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt fit. If you tried one of those on before this should also give an indication to the sizing you require.

What size should I buy?

Because of the stretch and the explanation above 👆🏼you only have to go on your chest size, if you're 40" then size Medium will be perfect 👌🏻

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